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Build and Manage Lists
With Target-Email, building and managing your email list is a breeze. Our easy-to-use list management features allow you to add new contacts, import lists, store contact information, update information or group contacts with your own criteria.
Point and Click
You can create and send professional-looking email newsletters, flyers and more in just minutes thanks to our easy-to-use email wizard. Our email wizard guides you every step of the way, no technical skills required.
Track Everything
With our open & click real-time tracking; you'll get vital information on how well your email campaigns perform from start to finish. Incorporate this "intelligence" into future email campaigns for greater effectiveness and better results.
Detailed Reporting
With Target-Email reports, you'll know who opened or clicked each email, which links generated interest, how many unsubscribed to your campaign and details regarding all undeliverable records.
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